Here's my YouTube video for reflection on, and prayer for, Peace.
  While watching this slide-show one
  may be tempted to judge others for
  their prejudice and lack of charity,
  but I hope it will enable reflection
  on our own failure to practice the
  Love of God. 
This video "Christmas Carol" by self-styled "heathen and pagan" Jackson Browne (more accurately a "stealth Christian") prompts reflection on the true meaning of Christmas,          >---------------->>
as well as the nature of Justice.
Links to churches with
which I have a connection:
Our Savior's
Evangelical Lutheran Church
Forest Park
Evangelical Covenant Church
St. Paul's
Episcopal Church
United Methodist Church
The "Space Window" at the National Cathedral, Washington D.C. with embedded Rock from the Moon
Mural on Subway Station in Seoul, Korea
Mural on Subway Station in Seoul, KoreaMural on Subway Station in Seoul, KoreaMural on Subway Station in Seoul, Korea
Mural on Subway Station in Seoul, Korea
Eight saints who should be recognized.
Joseph Bernardin
Catherine McAuley
Dorothy Day
Oscar Romero
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A Classic Book of Christian Instruction:
The Screwtape Emails
A contemporary paraphrase of the first few chapters of The Screwtape Letters.
The Screwdisk E-mail
An adptation of Lewis's literary idea  [no
longer available on the original internet site]
The Squirmtrap e-mails
Another electronic use of Lewis's technique
My compliation of
4 internet Lewis imitators
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or the Audio-Book
The Book
Another book which I recommend:
Check out the Book at the Author's Site
"The Gospel According to Biff"
[Biff was the childhood pal of Jesus]
The National Cathedral --->--->--->-->
Lina Sandell
Anton Boisen
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Bill W.
Some LINKS for your edification:
Evangelical Christianity at its' Best 
LaughingBird Liturgical Resources
The best sermon resource on the net
A blog that's even worth reading
Christian Conviction in Korea
The Korean Martyrs
John Paul II 's Sermon
Bread for the World
."Have Faith, End Hunger"
Reel Issues
My wife & I are "movie going freaks"
and she teaches Bible studies on films
Fair Trade Coffee
From Lutheran World Relief
Coffee -
- one of God's better ideas!
Reconciling in Christ
All God's children got a
place in the choir!
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Community en Compass
Asset Based Community Development
International Aide
Grassroots World Mission
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