True Majority
Politics for the People
Check out the Video!
Catholic Health Association
"A Passionate Voice for Compassionate Care"
The Ministry of Healthcare
A wonderful country!
My favorite food
Everyday Leadership
Lead with your best self
Ginny Owens
Fine music & good poetry -
- great sound & sound theology
Pioneer Resources
"Opening Doors of Opportunity for People with Disabilities"
Characters Unite
Take the Pledge - I Did
Caring Conversations
Talk about YOUR choices for treatment in a Health Crisis
Alternative Radio
Dr. Who
Fun T.V.
National Federation of the Blind
My daughter is blind, but not handicapped
A great part of my college experience
Gift of Life (Michigan)
Organ and Tissue Donation / Transplantation
For your surfing pleasure
United Steel Workers
My labor union.
Jim Collins
Discovered what makes a business great
Schola Cantorum
Chant -
My OLD friend leads the choir
Playing for a Change
A fun & inspiring set of music videoa
Give Blood!
I am a ten-gallon+ blood donor
Every Woman's Place
End Domestic Violence!
World Wildlife Fund
Care for Creation!
Humane Society
Celebrating Animals / Confronting Cruelty
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
"All Lives Have Equal Value"
Think Beyond the Label
"Evolve Your Workforce"
If you want to understand the new healthcare law,
Watch: "Health Reform Hits Main Street" -
- the YouToons explain it all!
The sum of all web knowledge
Everything you always wanted to know
about everything
Both sides of many issues
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Click for some interesting historical facts
The Carter Center
A Great President's Legacy
"Waging Peace, Fighting Disease, Building Hope"
GW Micro
WindowEyes - the best screen-reader for PCs!
"Unleashing the Power of Your Mind's Eye"
From the Newseum
Front pages from 833 newspapers from 80 countries
"Click the Easter Egg"
"Click the Easter Egg"
Another site that explains
the Affordable Care Act
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Provided by the AMA, AARP, CHA,  American Cancer Society, American Nurses Assoc., National Community Pharamicists Assoc., and Others. 
Bone Marrow Donation
I'm hoping to be a match and save a life!
Click here for the wisdom of a true patriot!
Click here to go to Political Commentary.
Political Commentary:
Guess Where!
Keep the Politicians Honest -
- Check their Claims!
Check that rumor for misinformation!
"God's Feeding Station"
.Christian Podcasts
The U.N.
.Despite it all, a force for Good
Republicans like to keep secrets -- they used a filibuster to block this simple attempt to let the people know whose money is behind the propaganda on TV.
I'm in favor ot more "Power to the People"!
The Tea Party Motto:
"Government doesn't work - - elect us and we'll prove it."