ROLF'S RESOURCES provides Freeware Prayer Prompt Programs for PCs -
- 6 "freeware for prayer" programs,
as well as 5 "reader" programs.

Download "Prayerware"
- free software to guide you in prayer
and to enrich your meditation -
right here!

The programs available on this site are DOS batch files.  (Yes, I know this is primitive, but I'm a pastor, not a programer!) They display various prayers that I collected from various sources.  I don't believe that I have violated any copyright restrictions (especially since this is all freeware),

I hope that this "prayerware" will help you pray, and I hope that the "spiritual basics" material will be useful.

Use the navigation buttons on the left to download the Prayer Prompt Programs for PCs, study Spiritual Basicsand get other information as well as additional "goodies".

This site was last updated: October 12, 2013
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