I am ordained by the
Evangelical Covenant Church,
and work as a healthcare chaplain with
Mercy Health Partners.

For an overview of healthcare ministry,
read "The White Paper":
Professional Chaplain
Its Role and Importance in Healthcare,

The first five items to the left are articles that I have published about the work of healthcare chaplains.  Next to one I've included a link to the book in which it is a chapter.     

Next is an article about a "Blessing of the Hands" ritual.  In my comments I provide a liturgy for celebrating nurses who have obtained a BSN or MSN degree.

My comments on the report by NPR's All Things Considered  on the proposed legalization of physician-assisted-suicide in Oregon is next, followed by a recording of the excerpt that was aired January 19, 1995.  Then there is an article on the subject to which I contributed, and in which I advocated for Palliative CareThis is followed by a biomedical ethics case. My "featured" comment on "choice 3" also briefly describes Palliative Care.

The next item is the presentation of an ethics case, with commentary, to which I contributed.

This is followed by four unpublished documents that I have written related to chaplaincy.

I don't remember where I found the next document, but I like it, and I hope you do, too. 

The "Values Statement" that I wrote to include with my Advance Directive is next.

The next link will take you to an excellent resource for dealing with domestic violence.

The next two documents are paraphrases of Psalms (35:1-10 and 42 & 23) for people who have cancer.

I practice the Cursillo method of spiritual discipline and have been the spiritual director for several 3-day DeColores retreats.  The next two items are simple "fourth day" cards (men's & women's).

Then there is a spiritual self-assessment that I put together from various sources, followed by my own system for organizing virtues, , 

Next there are two papers that I put together for use in Critical Incident Stress Management.

Then there are 2 documents that you can find all over the internet.  I like them (and I think I have improved on them), so I have included them here.  They are not original to me, so feel free to "steal and share" (which, come to think of it, might just be the motto of the internet). In that spirit there are two more documents worth your attention.

Then there is a humorous (but sincere and fairly accurate) take on the Gospel Message. 

While I am a chaplain, I'm still a preacher, so I have included a good, computer related, sermon illustration, as well as two weeks of daily devotions that I wrote quite a while ago. 

I've also included a devotional article my mother wrote for InSpirit (the now defunct women's magazine of the Covenant), as well as another "sermon" she wrote and shared with me. 

Since I was an archaeologist at the Koster Site and I am a dog-lover (see left/below), I have attached an interesting document about dogs.  Then, since I'm now a pastoral theologian, I've included my own answer to the question: "Do Animals Go to Heaven?". The next document is an article pirated from the Journal of Pastoral Care - A Pastoral Care Lesson from a Veterinarian.

The next two documents are humor (I hope) related to my work in the hospital and as an observer of human nature.

If you are making a presentation and need an evaluation tool for your audience, then the next item is for you!

Brood XIII Rules! -See next link.  Although I am now a resident of Muskegon, I "emerged" in 1956 on the south side of Chicago.

Finally, the best of one of Chicago's best:
"Mary and Joe, Chicago Style" by Mike Royko.
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